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What To Expect On Move Day

What you can expect from Big Al's on your move day:

Our professional uniformed crew will arrive on time. The crew leadman will introduce himself and the other crew members. They will do a quick survey of your home and begin immediately to plan and implement the loading process.

Floor runners will be put down to protect surfaces where needed. Upholstered pieces will be wrapped in plastic for added protection.

Clothing wardrobe boxes: for local moves we provide wardrobe boxes for you to use the day of your move for no charge.You have the day before your move day to decide if you want to make use of them for your hanging clothes and draperies. Remember: these are loaner boxes and will need to be returned at the end of your move to avoid a $20 charge per box.  Out of town moves will be charged accordingly.

The crew will immediately begin selecting items from throughout your residence for safe, fast loading. Heavy items will be loaded on the truck floor while fragile, legged items will most often be placed on the higher tier of the truck.

After your possessions are safely loaded on the truck, the crew leadman will confirm the second address with you-by number, street and area. He will also confirm the approximate arrival time at the second address.

About thirty minutes prior to completion of unloading, the crew leadman will alert you so that you can inspect each room to ensure that items are placed to your satisfaction. You can now request any changes. At this time the crew will begin assembling beds, etc. You will be asked to inspect the truck to ensure that all items have been unloaded. You have exclusive truck rights on local moves so there should be nothing left on the truck except Big Al’s equipment. The crew leadman will go over the contract with you and answer any questions you may have about the move. At the end, you will be asked to fill out a blue customer comment card and mail it in to our office. We care what our customers think and we reward our crewmembers who have served our customers and have earned excellent ratings.

Things you should do the night before your move:

• Available parking reserved and marked.
• Clear pathways for the movers to use on move day.
• Well labeled cartons.
• Furniture clear of all small items.
• A stack of personal items set aside for transport in your own car.