History of Big Al’s Specialty Movers

YES! We are the moving company founded by the big Samoan guy… Big Al, he really is BIG!

Our moving crew is made up of Al's younger/bigger brother Herman and group of guys trained with the Big Al’s values.  We are a strong, dedicated team with one goal in mind - to take excellent care with each and every customer from the first phone call to the last impression. If we can’t move it, it’s probably not humanly possible.

The backbone of our company is our office staff which consists of Rhonda (me) I’m Big Al's wife and Office Manager, our Scheduling Manager Beth, our Assistant Scheduling Manager Vicky, our Bookkeeper Linda, our Office Facilitator Stacy and Front Office Assistant Amie.

Founded in 2003 We saw the need for a trusted moving company that was exceptionally different from the rest. We chose to advertise only by word-of-mouth. Big Al and I began to work together to build the company with what we had: excellent customer relation skills, massive man power and the desire to build something great! Al purchased his first cell phone, a day timer, pick-up truck, and trailer. I worked from home scheduling moves and bookkeeping. Soon it all changed!

In 2004 We moved the company about 30 miles from Hillsboro, OR to Vancouver, WA.  We bought a home with a shop and office in the backyard.  Herman came to town for a visit and never left. By this time we had more business than we could handle, and just like an answer to our prayers the perfect combination of talented employees came along to help build the business.

Soon the home office was literally bursting at the seams. In the mornings we had employees and a couple trucks preparing for the day. Our neighbors were very patient, but it was clear we must move the business again. We took the jump and found a separate work space with a lot more room, a real office and a heated warehouse…Life was good!

In 2006 Big Al was approached by Bill Baxter to purchase his piano moving company, Baxter's Piano Express located in Portland, OR. The Baxter’s were retiring after 40 years in the piano moving business and they wanted to pass down the company to someone who shared their philosophy. We were happy to provide our services to those customers. Back at the office, we got to work adding more phone lines, computers and trucks to keep up with the growth. By the end of the year we needed to move again.

In 2007 We moved to a much larger 8,000 square foot office/climate-controlled storage warehouse with a loading dock.  At this location we were able to store pianos and household items while in transit. Over time we developed a crew of individuals who were like family.

In 2008 The economy collapsed and Big Al’s was affected along with the rest of the country. We were blessed with enough work to see us through. We were able to keep our team intact and continued to grow slowly through the next few years.

In 2011 Our lease was up and we had to find a new home for our business. We could not find a space in our area to suit our needs, the space simply did not exist. We settled with a temporary location and over the next 5 years we began to build our very own dream office and warehouse building. The location that we found was perfect for us.

August 5, 2018 Our office and storage warehouse was complete and we moved in, we hired the best movers in town. We are fortunate to reside in our very own space on 3 acres right next to I-5.

Today We have over 30 employees, 9 trucks, we service the eleven Western States with regular routes to Seattle and California. Our goal is to not stop here, we have space on our property for future RV and Boat Storage. Every day we continue to do what we do best, and keep in mind that our original goal was to BUILD SOMETHING GREAT!

We want to thank each person who had a part in helping us build our company to where it is today.
You are in our hearts forever!

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