– Dr Robert, La Quinta Calif

To the wonderful people At Big Al’s:

I wanted to drop you all a little note and let all of you know I much I appreciate the wonderful help I received in moving my Steinway piano from Whidbey Island Washington to La Quinta Calif. The move was a challenge, but the trained professionals, under the guidance of Big Al made the entire process a wonderful experience for me . Beth and Vicky were so kind , and had proper information to put my mind at ease. Big Al because my piano was on the 2nd floor of building, with a very small stairway, had a forklift to lower the piano over my balcony It was very well done and the piano arrived at my house in perfect condition. I would have to say for the complexity of this move I had the best help available in the entire US. I would advise anyone considering a piano move or furniture that you care for to utilize Big Al and his amazing staff of trained professionals.
Thank all again